Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Make Up!

I just started using a new make up product called Arbonne! I was TOTALLY hooked on Aveda b/c of their products being all natural plant products! Well after being introduced to Arbonne I found out that Arbonne is the SAME....and CHEAPER than Aveda! My mom recently signed on as a Arbonne consultant! After using the cleansing intelligence system for one week I am HOOKED (line and sinker)! My face has cleared up so much it is unbelievable! I didn't think a facial system could do this! I was using Aveda and Proactive with NO success! I have oily skin and the Arbonne products help keep my face from getting the shiny look. The following are pictures of some of my new make up that I got yesterday! I am so excited to get ready to go somewhere so that I can play with my new make up! If anyone is interested in more information regarding these products please let me know. You NEVER pay full price for any of their products!

My new color palette....excuse the fingerprints from me putting it together! Hee hee!


Debby said...

Arbonne does have some fab products. I dig the nutrimin re9 products. I use those with DDF products and it helps to keep my skin clearer and not so shiny. Have fun with your new makeup. Yummy colors.

Susan said...

You'll love their products! They rock! I used them for about two years and loved them. Then someone close started selling another product so to help support her, I switched. But keep with them. They're very light, smooth and they have staying power. Have fun with the make-up. It's what I miss the most!

Kathy said...

I love Arbonne! My sister sent me some body scrub and body butter and oh my gosh it smells the best. I am into all-natural, too. I also am loving those memo pads you made. You are a crafty queene!

Kathy from WI Scrappers

Kathy said...

I can't get this stupic moderation code correct! Forgot what I wanted to say:

Love arbonne, and I hope your mom does well. Love your memo pads, too!

from WI Scrappers


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