Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Hello...Happy Wednesday to everyone! I have a couple creations I made yesterday! There won't be too much that I will be uploading this week! Our good friend is getting married friday and my hubby is standing up in the things are crazy getting ready for that! Next week I am hoping to get a bunch new projects made and uploaded! I am also working on creating a store for people to purchase my craft projects! If anyone is interested in anything on my blog, please email me!


The 1st one is my sister's birthday card...she turned 21 yesterday! Happy Birthday Alissa! This is my 1st Acetate Card that I made, and I LOVED how it turned out!

Used: Stamping Bella - Cosmobella Stamp; primas, Studio G stamps, stickles, prisma pencils and OMS and some ribbon in my stash!

The 2nd card is going to my SUPER BELLA SISTAH's postal right now!

Used: Stamping Bella - Superbella image I got in a swap, prima, stickles, prisma pencils and OMS, paper is CM.
Hope you enjoyed my latest creations! I would REALLY like to get a watermark for all of my work...but don't have Photoshop to do so! Hope I can figure something out so my creations don't get stolen! I downloaded a freebie program...but it doesn't do much....and I only got one watermark to wouldn't even work on my second picture! Ahhhhh!

Hugs~ Kim

PS - my signature is giving me trouble tonight....crazy computer...nothing wants to work...signature or watermarks!


Lorie said...

Oh, my goodness! I love them both cute but I have to say I LOVE your clear card...amazing girl!

Kimmie0270 said...

That clear card is amazing! When are you going to make me one... LoL... seriously though, did you get my card?

Patsy said...

Love the cards!! I have not done any acetate cards yet, but after seeing this I may have to try. Great job!

Christi said...

Both of your cards are adorable!!!

Heather said...

I love them both!!! you are so talented!!! I want a watermark to!! I know someone on cafe mom I will ask about it! :) OK, come check my blog, I left you an award :) HUGS!!! ((now show me how to add a signature ;) )) Hugs, have fun at the wedding!

christine said...

stunning as usaul!!! u will have 2 walk me through the acitate card tech i still cant figure that 1 CONGRATS on the award from Heather u deserve it hun...ty 4 sharing ur cards and have an awsome time at the wedding hugsssssssssss

Jennifer Hodge said...

I love the acetate card! I still have note ventured there. You make it look fabulous!

BrandiLynn-uh-ohmommys*addicted said...

Oh my love that acertate card I have never seen an acertate CARD LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

TFS I might have to lift that one, not that mine would ever look as good as yours BEAUTIFUL

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

I love your bellas! :)

And I'm in Oshkosh. I can't get your email link to work because I don't have an email client set up on my 'puter. *grumble*

You can email me at sairabee at yahoo dot com if you'd like! :)

Kim Gasper said...

I love your bella cards! The first one is SO appropriate for someone turning 21! I don't have the supahbella yet, but she's on my list. :-) Thanks for leaving such nice comments on my blog! I'll be back to visit yours again. Cute stuff!


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