Friday, November 19, 2010

Computer Question

Hi Friends~ I getting crafty this afternoon so I'm hoping to have something to share with you soon! :)  However, I have a quick question for all my computer techy friends! :)

I'm looking at getting an external harddrive to back up our computer documents, photos, music files and the like.  I'm always paranoid that I am going to loose everything.  I'm looking at getting a Clickfree C2N seeing how we have more than one computer in our household! :)  Does anyone know about the Clickfrees?  Any advice or input is greatly appreciated!  Or if you use a completely different product I'd LOVE to hear about it!  Thanks in advance for all of your help!

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Billie A said...

Hi Kim,
I do have the click free, I got mine from QVC and so glad I did, my desk top went belly up so when that is fixed I will be able to put my things back on it. I also got a new laptop as I used the clickfree on both computers and when I set this one up we just added what we wanted from the clickfree. I for sure recommend the clickfree. I wanted my things on both of my computers seperate than DH's computer so he has his own clickfree and had to use it when he crashed his computer it was a life saver for sure.

Kraftychick said...

Kim: I had an external hard drive for backing up and it worked just fine --- however, I now use Carbonite, an online service. For $55 per year my PC is automatically backed up every time I'm connected to the internet. We haven't done it yet, but my husband's PC downstairs can also be set up for the same deal. I've never had to restore but it looks awfully easy!!!! I recommend it highly! Do keep in mind that the very first backup is very time consuming as it encypts everythings and sets everything up (that's only during the initial setup). I found out about it from Neal Bortz's radio show.

Good luck,

Kathy Bradley said...

Hi Kim,

I have the Clickfree purchased from QVC. It is set to back up every Sunday at 1:00 a.m. It only adds what it doesn't have - it doesn't back up everything each time. I get so many family pictures each week and upload and save the cards I make - plus I have many digi stamps stored - it would be horrible to lose it all. In case the computer crashes - all I have to do is upload everything back onto the system or a new computer. I highly recommend the unit!


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