Monday, December 13, 2010

MAMM #6 - A Girl's Best Friend

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Welcome to SCACD Make A Mess Monday....the messy team has decided to bring you our fun on the 2nd Monday of the Month instead of the first!!!  Today we have some FUN FUN FUN for you!  Today we are showcasing JEWELRYJewelry is every girl's best friend....isn't it?!  Well it is mine and I had a BLAST making these necklace pendants!  Susana carries ALL of the products to make these in her if you get your order in quick you just might be able to make some jewelry to give as Christmas Gifts!
 My first pendant is made using the silver rectangle finding that you can find -->here<--!  I then took some Blue Flash particles and sprinkled them in the finding.  After that I took my Viva Decor Glitter Liner in Hologram and filled in the pendant....look at all the sparkle that the Viva pen gives once it is dry...and mixed with the Blue Flash it's stunning!
These next pendants were made using the round pendants that you can find -->here<--!  These were actually designed using Viva Decor Pearl Pens.  The one on the left is made using Black and Light Blue.  The one in the middle is made using Ice White and Violet, and the one on the right is made using Black and Ice White.  To make them I:
1.  First took my background most cases the black and filled in the pendant so it was almost level
2.  Then I took my next color and put a drop onto the end of a tooth pick
3.  I placed the toothpick into the black that was already in the pendant finding and swirled the two colors together (but not too much or the two colors would totally mix and wouldn't show the swirls). 
4.  Then I repeated steps 2 and 3 until I liked the finish effect.
Then you have to let the Viva dry/cure, I let mine sit for a few days.  Make sure to have them lay flat to dry.
Then take a paint brush and lightly coat on a layer of diamond glaze to seal your pendant.  Again let the diamond glaze totally dry before placing the pendant onto a necklace.  
Here is another batch of the Viva Swirl Pendants!  These are made with the black pendant findings that you can find -->here<--.  I personally love these black findings the best, especially if you are using black as your background color.   These were made using the same technique above and colors are from left to right: Black and Cream; Black and Magenta; Black and Kiwi; and Black and Ice White.

Susana carries MANY DIFFERENT SIZE Pendants over at SCACD, click -->HERE<-- to go and see her amazing selection!  Don't be afraid to experiment because you never know what you can put together.  These were all made by experimenting and I have to tell you I absolutely LOVE them!!!  I will have some going up for sale in my store soon!!!

Now make sure you head over to the SCACD Blog to see what kind of jewelry Marti has created!!!

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Paula said...

Goodness - I cannot get over how inventive you are with all these products. Amazing!
Paula (PEP)

Alex said...

Ok- these are amazing! I want some, but am scared mine won't look so FABULOUS! You rocked this 100%! WOW!!! Thank you so much for the ideas. Think I will play, a bit :)


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