Sunday, July 1, 2012

Susana Loves Stamps - Sweet Monsters & Sassy Crew

Happy July Everyone!  WOW I can't believe the summer is already flying by so fast!  It feels like it was just April!!!  Did you get a chance to check out the SCACD Blog Hop this past Friday?  Susana released some fun and fresh new stamp sets!

First there is the Oddly Sweet Curiosities!  These super adorable monsters are so darn cute and can be used for any occasion...that is what I love the best about them!  PLUS they each come with their own sentiment....gotta love that....two stamps for the price of one!  You can order ALL of the monsters in one set for $55.99......that's 23 total stamps (that's 11 monsters, 11 sentiments, and the candle stamp) getting this whole stamp equates to each stamp being ONLY $5.09!!!  Now how's that for a deal!
If you only want half of the monsters you can get them in small sets.  This is the Oddly Sweet Curiosities Set #1.  This set cost $27.99!  You get 5 monsters and 5 sentiments....which means each stamp only costs you $5.60 each!  ANOTHER fabulous deal!!!
The Oddly Sweet Curiosities Set #2 costs $32.99!  In this set you get 6 monsters,  6 sentiments and the candle stamp....which means each stamp only costs you $5.50 each!  Susana really has these sets priced fabulous!!!
The Little Sassy Crew is so darn cute!  Cute + Attitude = One Fantastic Stamp Set!  In this set you get the four cutie pies plus the Cake and a FREE candle stamp!  This set sells for $27.99 which means each stamp is only $5.60!
Finally there is the M's Place Set!  This set goes perfectly with any other stamps that you have or can be incorporated with any mixed media project you create!  The set sells for $ get 13 stamps in total for ONLY $21.99!  Now you really need to add this to your shopping cart at SCACD!

Now head to the SCACD Store and order your very own NEW Stamp Sets and don't forget to get your own Dies by SCACD too!!!

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