Thursday, April 24, 2008

Craft Time & Laundry...What a combo!!!!

Hello! I FINALLY got to play in my craft corner today for a little while, in between doing laundry that is! YAY...I will take any craft time I can get! I made a special surprise for my's her bridal shower on Saturday, so I wanted to make her a heartmade gift! I will post pictures this weekend so you can see my creation....until then I will hold you in suspense (in case someone from the family checks my blog and we don't want anyone to spill the beans)! :)

I also started my mom's mother's day gift...only got half way done with that (and of course I can't talk about that either) because I just showed my mom my blog last night, so she might stop in and sneak a peek!

I did however make a card for my Dad the other day! He's has Meniere's Disease (which affects his inner ear) which is progressing so I just wanted to make a card letting him know how important he is to us, I even made a poem out of his name! I gave it to him the other night when my parents came to visit, but told Dad to open it when he got home (I cried all day writing it, so I know I would have cried tons watching him open it.) Well my mom said he opened it when he got home, and it is the most touched my mom has ever seen my dad in her life! That made me feel really good...when I talked to Dad yesterday he even said Thank You for the card and that he really really liked it! YAY! So here's the card! Used my Cricut Alphalicious cart for "Dad", the DP is a Provo Craft Slab pack:
The inside poem was:
D ear Dad, We will be forever grateful to have a dad like you,
E ven in the hard times, you always saw us through,
N ow it’s our turn to be the brave children you have taught us to be, to help you while
N ever forgetting that God only bring us to those events that he can bring us through,
I ndeed we are at a hard time in our lives (wishing you weren’t suffering with your disease)
but because we are a family and
S urrounding one another, our faith and love together will help us get through this!

Dad even though you are at a hard time in your life
we are all here to be with you and help you get through this!
We love you more than words can say!
We are so blessed to have you as our Dad!

I thought the card turned out VERY good! It took me all Tuesday to get the peom written!

Again...don't forget to stop back and see my latest project!

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