Monday, April 21, 2008

Friend's Blog Candy

Hi everyone! Thanks to my friend, Kimmie from the Bellaholics group, I just got the heads up that today is the last day to enter for some blog candy at:
Check it out!!!
And still more blog candys:
Bella Boggled Word Contest:
Have fun checking out these blog candies!!!!! I know I sure did!

Gots to add another one that is going until April 30th....Happy b-day to Tracie!

Kimmie added some blog candy to her website today (Tuesday) in honor of her new baby boy Matty being home from the NICU for 1 week! YAY! Make sure to stop by Kimmie's site:

Lim has 3 blog candy prizes to give away on Sun. Apr 26 in honor of her 2000 entry...stop by and take a look!

1 comment:

Mistylynn said...

Thanks for stopping by! Love your bella card below.


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