Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Craft Room MAKE-OVER!

Hello~ Happy Tuesday! Today I am taking 2 exams! ICK! I'd much rather be crafting...but today is my only day at school this week so I can't complain at all!

I hope everyone is ready to FINALLY see my craft room all MADE-OVER!!! However, to fully understand how excited I was about this transformation first I have to share some "before" pictures. I am embarassed to share the before pictures...and even to think that I actually was able to create anything in that disaster is beyond me!

So here are the before pictures *as I go red with embarrassment*

As you can see my hubby's bowflex was in our extra bedroom. Living in a small 2 bedroom apartment there is NO room for a bowflex....so after 5 years of me and my mom asking/telling hubby the bowflex needs to be moved he said ok. I no longer have a clothes hanger (as I hung lots of clothes on the bowflex)....but that is PERFECTLY fine by me as I have an organized and fuctional craft room now! :)

Before the make-over, I stashed as much of my supplies under the bowflex, as I had no room for storage containers. I used baskets that would fit under the bowflex, but they soon got over full. When I created, I never could find what it was that I needed because everything was buried.
My desk was attrocious! I had about a 12x12 inch space to create on and most of the time I just used my scor-pal on my lap instead because it was easier! All of my newer items always ended up on my desk so I could *somewhat* find them.
The new craft room! Doesn't it look WAY better without the bowflex in there! Yes, there is even carpet! Hubby and I laughed as we were like wow there is carpet in here.....who knew! You couldn't see it before. LOL!
And the desk is now workable! LOTS of space to create! I still find myself using my lap and have to yell at myself to use the desk!
Here you can see my Copic home. The gray box on the left houses my Twinkling H2Os and Smooch. The black organizer on the right is home for my momento and versamark inks that I use all the time. As well as my stamp scrubber, Cuttlebug plates, Shimmerz Sprays, and other items I use frequently.
Here is my flower display! I took all of our DVDs off of the DVD rack and put them in totes for now, as hubby and I hardly ever watch movies. I thought the DVD racks were perfect to display my flowers....it's WAY easier to use them as I can see exactly which ones I would want to use for my project. I love having them in eyes view! The white totes on the left house my ribbon and some papers (some papers are also in crates under my desk, and in one tote next to my desk.) Can you tell I am a HUGE Jimmie Johnson fan? He's my boyfriend...lol! And boy what I SUPER EXCITED Sunday when he won the NASCAR Championship for the 4th time in a row making NASCAR History! YIPPY....Go Boyfriend!!!!
A close up of the paper and ribbon storage. Paper is on the right. Since I took the pictures I added another 3-drawer 12x12 storage rack. On the left is my ribbon. The ribbon is organized by color families. The bottom drawer is for white, black, brown, silver and gold. The middle drawer is red and pinks, and the top drawer is all other colors. The small gray organizer on top of my ribbon storage is the home for all my charms (I took this from hubby's gargage...it's a bolt and screw holder thing.) I still have to create labels for the drawers, but at least my charms are all together now. My Jamone Sew Mini is behind the charm house.
And finally is my catch all storage. Bottom drawer is home to my Basic Grey 6x6 pads, then is my tulle drawer, then the catch all drawer (which houses my pearls, brads, bling, rhinestones...all the extras). Next is my raffia drawer, and then my rubb-ons and dimensional foam tape are in the top of the bigger tower. One top of that tower is another 3 drawer tower which is home to my roses. In the pink bin is my glitter and snow embellies. The mini black tower is home to my flower soft, and sponges. The blue and green holder on the floor to the left is the home of all my ink pads and some wood block stamps.
It feels so good to *FINALLY* have my own space. I am so happy that my hubby helped me move the bowflex so that I can have my own room....all I share with now is hubby's desktop computer which is in a corner of the room, and of course the laundry baskets....but I can handle that! Before I couldn't wait until the day we could build our house so that I could have my own craft room....But now I'm no longer in a hurry.....I'm just happy to be organized!

A special thank you to my mom and dad for coming and helping! My mom was a HUGE help in helping me find homes for everything!

Thanks for stopping by!


Sam said...

wow - just wow!!! What an absolutely fabulous craft room!!! You like someone who needs to to join WOYWW - what's on your workdesk wednesday!!

Lena Katrine said...

OMG! I would probably go nuts, if I ever had the chance to visit your craftroom ;) Boy, do you have a lot of jummy stuff!!!
Well organized - must feel sooo good! Great job, hun!

Hope your exams goes well - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

Big hugs, Lena

PS! Have you seen the new challenge blog Sketchy Colors?
I'm so proud - and exited ;) First challenge up on sunday, but there's a candy up for grabs until then :)

Maylee said...

Holy cow Kim!!! I'm soooo jealous! Your new room is awesome!

Lena Katrine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jacquie said...

YAY Kim!! That looks AWESOME!!! i LOVE it!! I am SO wanting YOUR room!! Haha!! Hope you are well!! Miss you!! Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!

Take care!

Michelle said...

Oh Kim!! It looks fabulous!! I'm so jealous!! We have a 4 bedroom home & I'm STILL confined to a 6x6 space, lol!! And I also use my cutter/scorer on my lap!

Sweet 'N' Crafty Gal said...

good luck hunni! so when can i move in? lol xx

Kylie said...

Hahahahahahaha - Your "before" photo reminds me of my crafting space! Well done on your new organised craft area - how nice is it to find everything you forgot you had when you do the big clean up?

Lorie said...

Wow, Kim...what a blessed girl you are to have such a wonderful room! I can't wait to get my own room! :o)

Mary Lou said...

Unbelieveable Kim~~ your day had come!!! Yeah
Love Mom

Julie said...

Hi Kimmi
Wow - it just shows we all have such creative brains that we can work in such disarray ! I mean that in the best way possible because if you saw how I craft you would know what I mean!

Such a transformation, can you find everything??? Ha

Anyway well done and it's great to see that in your 'before' picture your bench press was put to good use!

Love the way you have organised and will borrow some of these ideas!

Thanks for wonderful cards and inspiration


Nikki said...

OMG that's one big Cleanup it looks like a delish store now somewhere to create alot in
Your Craft room is really nice and you've got lots of toy's I'd love to play with lol
thanks for sharing the before and after find it hard to believe it's the same room

~Michelle~ said...

oh yeah! I'm impressed! :) I'm impressed you posted a before photo! LOL! I've never been so brave!! I'm in the basement so I have more room....but even then it is SO much better when it's all got it's own home! :) Maybe someday when I'm finally all organized I'll have to post....I just love looking at all that pure yumminess! :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Dani said...

Wowza! Congrats on the make over! I need to get organized... :o) Love the new space!

SarahA said...

Wow, so awesome Kim! I need to work on my area.


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