Friday, August 26, 2011

Please Help....

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Hi Friends~

Edited to add: Thanks for everyone's help.....Donny and his truck have been found!

I know this is totally off topic....however I feel this is the least I can do to help!  My brother is an over the road trucker driver and hauls food products to the west coast and back to Wisconsin for a company called Heim Trucking.  I recently became aware that Heim Trucking is missing one of their truck's and its driver....they haven't been able to contact the driver since Monday, and he was supposed to unload his truck yesterday, but never showed up.  This is totally out of character for this gentleman, and no one can get ahold of him.  We are worried that he may have had an illness, been in an accident, or something much worse may have happened.  If you could please take a few minutes to read the below info, and if you are in the Spokane, WA or Montana area if you could please keep a look out for this semi truck and driver that is GREATLY appreciated!!!!

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We understand that if you're sitting at a computer reading this blog, you're probably not driving a motor vehicle. But maybe you will be soon. Trucker's Voice asked us to pass along this message about finding a missing trucker. We're happy to help. Here's the message: 

Heim Trucking Co Denmark, WI 54208 has a missing driver, truck, load and trailer.
Driver is Donald F. Badora 66 years old
Tractor is a 2003 flat top single bunk Peterbuilt model 379 Dark Maroon with Black fenders long wheel base. License Plate is 2953 unit #164
Trailer is a 1996 Great Dane Spread Axle Refrigerated with a TK unit on it the trailer has a blue unit and top and bottom rails painted. License plate ST20306 unit 50T
The load is cheddar block cheese.
The driver was last heard from Eastbound on I-90 by Spokane, WA
The Idaho and MT police departments issued an attempt to locate order.
Mike Heim
OOIDA number 200251
♥ Thanks for stopping by and for your help! ♥


Lori said...

Oh Kim!!! I surely will pray for Donald... I'm so sad to hear this frightening news. He may be missing according to people, but GOD knows exactly where he is and his needs. I pray for God's protection, provision and mercy for Donald!

Love you lots!

Sharon in Arizona said...

Hello Kim - My prayers go out for this driver. My brother is an OTR driver as well, so I've posted this information on his FB page so he can help put the word out. Thanks for posting this!! Hugs, Sharon :o)


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