Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Sistahs Are AWESOME!!!!

I have to send 2 SUPER BIG HUGS and THANK YOUS to my SISTAHS!

First I want to thank my Circut Sister Stephanie for the GREAT gift card to Joanns! I actually used it already today on my shopping trip! Found lots of great deals for projects that I am working on! Thanks again Steph you are the greatest!

Second I want to send a thank you to my Bella Sistah Chris! She is the bestest! I just got a HUGE box from her again! I got so many things and am soooooo EXCITED to play with everything! First off the bellas.....I got I-Wish-I-Looked-So-Good-On-A-Bike-Bella and Beerafella (This is my 1st Fella....I am so excited to ink him up!) He is going to work GREAT with the males in my family! hee hee! Then I got the WONDERFUL scarf that Chris made herself (I don't like winter very much...but am excited for this winter b/c I get to wear my awesome's SUPER soft AND my FAVORITE color PINK!!!!) I also got instructions and the ingredients to make the scratch and sniff embossed images....along with fruit clear's going to be so much fun playing with all of this! Chris was on a fruit theme and even sent me the cutest fruit earrings and candle holder (I actually got 2 candle holders that are beautiful)! And then I got oodles of ink in all different colors. The containers the ink came in are so cute too! I am so spoiled by Chris! Thanks again, it's so fun chatting with you! Here's a picture of some of my stuff! I already used some of it so it was hiding out in my craft room...and the candles were up in the other room!

***Blogger must be CRAZY tonight b/c it keeps loading my picture sideways....well you can get the drift of my presents! ***

Thanks again Chris...I LOVEY EVERYTHING!


Lorie said...

How fun! You are a lucky girl!

Kim's Life said...

Doncha just love Bella Sistahs??? They are such a great group of people!!!! Have a great day! Koreanbella

Catherine said...

lucky girl =)


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