Friday, August 8, 2008


I called my friend Kate this morning to see what she was doing....wanted to see if she wanted to get together today and craft! Instead she was stressing because a friend asked her a couple days ago to whip up some wedding flowers for her wedding today because it is her second wedding and was going to be casual (no specific bridesmaid dresses, no flowers, and outside)...but instead turned into a semi formal event (bridesmaid dress, flowers, and being held in a church)! Mind you Kate is not a florist...she loves to garden but that is about it! So I told her I would be right over to help her.....I am NOT a florist by any means either....I can't even grow a plant or keep them alive. When I got there Kate had all the bouquets made out of hydrangeas and was working on the groomsmen's corsages. We still had 2 arrangements to make, finish the bride's bouquet and make the mother's corsages. I went out in her flower garden and started cutting leaves and flowers and what we whipped up I think turned out pretty darn good! Especially with us having NO experience! Here's what we managed:

Here are the two arrangements that I whipped up....good thing Kate had a lot of flowers outside!

And here is the view looking down at the arrangements:

Next are the bridal party bouquets. Don't they look like big popcorn balls? Ha ha! They are really pretty with chocolate color ribbon wrapped around the stems and the bride's had 3 tier strands of ribbon dangling with rhinestones attached and there was glitter all over the flowers. When Kate gets me another picture I will post it! I didn't want to take them all out of the refrigerator and wreck them.

Then the following two pictures are the mother's corsages that I made. I added the touch of rhinestones to dazzle them up a bit.

So what do you think? For being short notice and not having experience do you think we did a good job?


Loreen said...

I think you may be the only "florist" in the world to put bling on a bridal bouquet!! I love it =)

Lorie said...

My did a spectacular job! I could never do something like that!

Debby said...

I think you did a lovely job! I would be proud to display or wear any of them. And the bling is a true crafter "thang"! :-)


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