Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CBCC #23

This week Courtney gave us a fabulous color challenge to play with! I planned on making my card last night, but came down with a terrible migraine and had to go to bed early. Make sure you come back later today, because I am hoping to get this done and posted as soon as I finish! Sorry for the delay!
Here's the colors so you can play along! Make sure you link your creations to Courtney's blog! Also, make sure you go to my side bar and check out what my fellow chickies have made!


cats whiskers said...

I am so sorry that you have a Migraine dear, they are so horrible and bring you right down. Hope it will soon be better but the best place for you is BED!! sending you a great big virtual hug (()))
Jacqui x

Dani said...

Oh no Kim! Feel better real quick! I get migraines too, it's the worst!

Courtney said...

Sending get well wishes!!

Holly said...

Oh no, don't you hate migraines? I started to get one last night too, but I got my preventive medicine going. Migraine pad on my forehead, breathe right on my nose (more oxygen), a Coke, and 3 motrin. Couple hours later, no more headache, just a lingering achy echo.

Big hugs - feel better soon!

Janneke said...

Great card Kim ;0)
Love the colors

X Janneke


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