Friday, January 30, 2009

Who Wants Valentine Candy?

***This post will remain at the top of my blog until Jan. please scroll down for current postings!***

I had planned on giving away some candy when my counter hit 10,000 however I think that happened over the holidays.....and now in shock I see my counter is already over 12,000 now it's candy time.....and I have some Valentine Blog Candy for you! I want to thank everyone who stops by to read my blog, your comments truly make my day and you are all an inspiration to me!
Now....on to the goodies: Up for grabs is:
3 DCWV design cards
6 white doilies
Valentine Studio G clear stamp set
Friend to Friend heart stamp
Pink mini rose flowers
Magenta baubles
Card Scents in Snickerdoodle
Valentine ribbon
Red, White, and Pink Flowers
A mixture of foam hearts
I will also throw in some misc. WOJ and Magnolia stamped images

In order to win you need to do the following:
1. Leave a comment in this post telling me which paper cutter/trimmer is your favorite and why! I am in need of a new paper trimmer/cutter and am looking to see which is the best to get.
2. Post a link on your blog to my candy give away!

**To Get An ADDITIONAL entry ***
Subscribe to or become a follower of my blog, and post an additional comment on this post telling me you have done so!

** If you do not have a blog, please click on my profile on my sidebar and send me an email answering the above question!

My candy is open world wide! :)

You have until Friday, January 30th at midnight to enter my drawing!


Tara Godfrey said...

WOW! Am I the first to enter your fab blog candy, Kim!?
Well, I got a new paper trimmer for Making Memories,
here. I really like it although it is quite big and heavy! The reason why got this one is the blade is self sharpening....yes that means no need to buy blades and no more furry edges!!!! I still keep my old one out and use it for the odd small job when I don't want to lug out this big one but I do really like it! They had it at Micheals here and I used a 50% off coupon! Hope this helps you decide!
Thanks for the sweet comments that you left on my blog, hun! They always make me smile!!!
Have a good week!

Amy Leggate- Paper Romance said...

I am already following your blog:) I love your cards!! They are wonderful!

My Favourite Trimmer is the Fiskars Rock, Paper, Trimmer There is a video to see it there too :) Every cut is super straight!

Amy Leggate- Paper Romance said...

I posted a link to your candy along the right hand side of my blog!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, you know I love your blog. You are so creative it blows me away. My cutter is a Fiskars that is Light Purple and metal. Everyone else I know has a Fiskars that is orange. Personally I wouldn't trade mine for ten of theirs and they always want mine:)
I'm off to you link you up on my blogroll on both of my blogs right now.

А@A said...

I want candy....and I'm going to buy a cutter I don't have for now...I've posted your link in my blog
Thank you

Heidi Kimmerly said...

I have several cutter but always reach for my Friskars purple one. I have worn off the numbers of my blue Friskers one but just can't bear to throw it away - lol! I have posted your link on my blog, Hope I win some candy. BTW - love your blog and will subscribe...

Robin Brown aka Mrs Pup in NY said...

Congratulations Kim on over 12,000 hits on your Blog. I love stopping by here. You amaze me with the work you do. I have a couple cutter but the one I really like is this one that came with my cricut. It is just a very ightweight green cutter and it cuts nice and sharp and it also has a scoring blade to use on it too. I already follow your blog. I don't want to miss anything. I love this blog candy. I hope I win it :)I am posting this on my blog too.

Robin Brown aka Mrs Pup in NY said...

I signed up to get emails sent to me nad I am already signed up to follow your blog.

Chris said...

Hi Kim and WOW 12,000 hits is fantastic and definitely cause for celebration. Your candy is lovely and I'll help to spread the word by linking your post in my sidebar and as you know I'm already a follower. The cutter I have is a cutterpede, it has a fold out ruler for cutting 12in paper and interchangeable blades which is very useful, I have a scallop blade and a scoring blade which I bought as extras. It's a rotary style trimmer but I find it cuts quite thick card easily and is accurate as long as I line everything up correctly. I use it everytime I make a card, couldn't be without it. Hugs, Chris

Татьяна Шаргородская said...

Hello! Congratulations with hits! I've linked your candy on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy".
Unfortunately I don't have paper trimmer... And can say nothing about it...
Thanks for a chance to win!


Татьяна Шаргородская said...

And I'm your folower already!

Pricousins said...

Congrats on your hits! I am heading to my blog after this to post the candy!


Donalda said...

Wow what awesome blog candy!!!!!
I have linked you on my side bar dear but as far as the trimmer goes. I have had the Tonic Guillotine Cutter for years and I love it!!!!!!! I have even used chipboard on it over and over and I have never had to sharpen it this is one awesome tool and I recommend it highly dear

NatashaMay said...

Congrats on your hits! I have an old paper trimmer that I can´t even remember the name of the company. I got it originaly to cut photographs for school. But it still works although I have to cut a paper at a time. It won´t take more than that. I linked you here.
x Natasha x

NatashaMay said...

I have also been your follower for a while now. Thanks for the chance.
x Natasha x

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim! Great Candy! Thanks for the chance to win! I posted on my blog here: Tine's Creative Corner: ALERT! VALENTINE'S BLOG CANDY at Crafts by Kim!!!!

Favorite paper cutter, eh? I LOVE my Carl Cutter . . . I have the rotary one that cuts up to 18 inch paper, AND up to 30-something sheets at a time. This really comes in handy when cutting large quantity. But for my craft table, I have two fiskars trimmers - one for 12" paper that has the sliding blade, and a guillotine one that only goes up to 8 1/2" (for the smaller stuff).

Loreen said...

Congrats on your hits. I am so happy you asked this question bc I am getting tired of my trimmer and want a new one lol. Right now, I use the Cricut trimmer and its doing the job. But, my girlfriend has the Creative Memories one and I like hers so much more =) Love u!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on over 12,000 hits on your Blog.I love your blogcandy.I became a follower and posted a link om my sidebar.
greetings from holland
Emilie xxx

Gunn (Merete) said...

I am already a follower of your blog.Ilove it. This candy looks great and I wouldn`t mind be the lucky one.
As for a cutter I really like my big one from making memories. I use it for the 12x12 papers. When I need to cut smaller paper sizes I just love using my small Tonic quiljotin cutter.
And I will place this blog candy on my blog.

Andrea said...

Hi Kim, great candy. Thanks for the chance to win. I post your candy on my blog and now i´m a follower!

I love the cutter from Fiskars. Why? It is inch and cm on it.

Hugs, Andrea

Andrea said...

Now i am a follower!

ChrisaBella said...

Hey Kim. I love your blog and follow it already. LOL My favorite paper trimmer is by creative memories. Love It! Now to go and post on my blog that you are giving away candy.

Chris (catt871) said...

Hi Kim! My favourite trimmer is the blue Fiskars one. I love my cutter too - Titanium, bought at Staples! I have linked you in my Candy jar on my blog and I have subscribed to your blog via Google Reader!!! THANKS for the chance to win such great candy!!!!

Ms. Cheryl said...

such a sweet giveawaw. i'll be in the hospital this week but i'll check back asap. thanks, ms.cheryl

Sharon Caudle said...

Hi Kim! Great blog candy! As far as cutters, I have used a cutterpede for years. It's reliable and cuts STRAIGHT! It's portable too and offeres several different blades.

I'm already following your blog, and I'll post a link to your blog candy.

Thanks so much for all the fun and have a wonderful day! Good luck deciding on your cutter! :)

Janet said...

Hi Kim! Great blog, i am already following:) My fave cutter is my fiskars big trimmer one!! It cuts so straight and smooth!!
i will go link!

Sam said...

wow, that's a lot of hits!! The paper trimmer that I have I wasn't very impressed with - in fact, I was so unimpressed that I stashed it somewhere in my craft room and now cannot find it!!! I really should get one though as I cannot cut very straight with scissors!!

Have added your link to my candy sidebar and already have you on my feedreader!!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 Fiskars 12" rotary trimmers. One for cutting and one for scoring. This way I don't have to keep changing the blades.


Ida / Little said...

What a great candy to celebrate with! I'm a follower aswell :) Congrats on over 12 000 hits! Have a nice week. Hugs Ida

Lena Katrine said...

Wow! What a cute candy, Kim! so generous of you!

And ofcourse I'm a follower - I love your blog!

Big hugs to you from me

Pst! I've already began the stamping ;o)

Dannette said...

Hi Kim, Wow! what great Blog candy!
I have to say for my fave cutter, I am pretty basic and love my old original fiskars cutter(ya know, the one that SU! sold years and years ago. I have bought new and keep going back to that one. I think I need to be weened off of it. I did just but the round circle scissor by EK Success. It seems to work pretty well if you want to make nothing but circles(LOL)
Anyways, Thanks for the great offering, I just love your blog!
Hugs, Dannette
oh, ya, I also have added your candy at my slog!

Carri D said...

Hi Kim, congratulations on 12000 hits!! I am a follower of your blog, I love it. Hmmm I am always on a quest for the perfect trimmer, but always go back to my Fiskars euro trimmer. I have linked you on my blog also. thanks Kim

Cheri said...

Well, the trimmer I have I don't really like much, so I won't recommend it to you. But I WILL tell you that I'm drooling over the Dahl 507 Personal Trimmer. It's pricey, but worth every penny. It's a rotary trimmer with a self-sharpening feature, metal bed with etched guides and a see-through paper clamp. AND, it has 3 other decorative blades you can change out. Hubba, hubba!

Cheri said...

OK, just posted a link on my blog, and I'm a follower! Thanks for a chance to win!

Wendy Swenne said...

Congrats on so many hits!

My favorite trimmer is the fiskars trimmer.

What a sweet blog candy! I put a link on my blog



Helena (Gvendalen) said...

Hello! Congratulations with hits!

My favorite Finger Guard Trimmer T-100 (Letack®). It's a rotary trimmer with a see-through paper clamp. it has 3 edges in a set and 3 other decorative blades you can change out.

what great Blog candy! I put a link on my blog and I am a follower of your blog!

Thanks for a chance to win!

kc_froglady said...

I love my old Carl cutter trimmer but am having a hard time finding replacement mats so I too am on the look for a new cutter - will be reading the rest of the comments here for tips! I also posted about your great candy offer on my blog - please check mine out also!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

My favorite is the Creative Memories one. I added your candy to my blog.

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

TA Carbone said...

Hi Kim

I have to say I love my EK Success Cutter. The blade lasts a long time and it measures 4 1/4 before you have to pull out the arm.

And I am also a follower of your blog besides a subscriber.


Moni said...

Waw this candy is awesome, love to have it! Hugs, Moni

Moni said...

Oh, forgot to tell, I become your subscriber and follower, and linked you on my blog! Hugs, Moni

Regina said...

Oh, lovely blog candy!
My big cutter is from Carl and I have bought an extra scallop blade and a scoring blade too. It’s perfect to cut 12x12 paper and it have a ruler with inch and cm. Then I have bought a small cutter from QVC. The blade is self sharpening and cuts sharp and perfect for cardmaking.
Thanks for offering up such wonderful blog candy it’s so generous of you!

Regina said...

I'm again to let you know that I'm a new follower.

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to sign up and become a follower last time, so here I am:)

Deborah said...

I love your blog and what a fantastic giveaway,I recieved a craft lite cutter for christmas and I'm enjoying it as it has 6 interchangeable cutting heads.Please enter me in your giveaway,Hugs,Deborah(

Michelle Pearson said...

sweet candy kim!!! somebody's gonna have a ton of fun! see ya thursday! ;)

Unknown said...

I like my Fiskars-b/c it's the first I've had and I'm used to it! It feels weird using others. :)
Added you to my sidebar! Thanks for the giveaway!

karenraye said...

Hi Kim,
your site and your projects inspire me. I am a follower and I'm posting info on your candy along with a link to your blog on my blog

karenraye said...

Okay I have your link on my blog
I hope I send some traffic to your wonderful site

cats whiskers said...

Hi Hun, wow what great candy just got to have a go will post it as soon as I get back to my blog. Now as for cutters I use a Cricut cutter, I love it because it can take 12" x 12" papers, the blade is easy to replace and its very easy to line up. Hope thats helpful dear. Do fingers toes and everything else crossed over here
big hugs
Jacqui x

Deb said...

Fabulous Valentines candy Kim, I left a link on my blog.
I use an X-cut guillotine, it is getting old now but was fantastic in the early days, mine is the smaller version but I think I will soon invest in the larger size to cope with 12x12 papers!

Andrea said...

Hello! I'm from Argentina and I love the cards! I fell in love with them through all your blogs so cute! Here in Argentina is fairly specialized equipment to get the scrap candy so your blog is perfect for trying your luck! Mil gracias! and of course invite you to my blog: and now I note visitándote yours to keep! Greetings! Andrea

Andrea said...

OH! sorry! I forgot to tell you that I love cutting edges that allow Fiskars paper ribbons beautiful! Greetings! Andrea

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Hi. I am also planning to buy one so might suggest you to check this out

I love this cutter since it cuts more precisely than a portable trimmer, have several measuring guides and blade options, and are more heavy-duty, making them last much longer.

I am just a novice scrapper so I dont have a favorite cutter aside from my scissor.

I also followed your blog and tomorrow il post a link to my blog.Hope il win those yummy RAK!

Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Hi. I already announced your Blog Candy at my blog,please feel free to check it.Thanks.

Jodi said...

What a great assortment of yummy candy. I added a link to my blog on the right side bar under Blog Candy Giveaways.

The paper cutter I use is the Fiskars table top 12x12 cutter with a rotary blade. I have a few decorative blades for it as well.

Good luck on your search and thanks for the chance to win!

Jodi said...

I've also become a follower of your blog. Thanks for the extra chance to win :)

Tracey said...

Great candy! Thanks for the chance to win!!

As for paper trimmers, I don't have a lot of advice since I have only ever used my grey & orange Fiskars one. I do enjoy it although I find it isn't always the straightest so I have to compensate for that at times.

I've linked up your candy on my blog's sidebar!

Lori said...

Love the yummy candy. My favorite paper cutter is the Fiskars Rotary Cutter. Cosco has a newer version of mine. I love it because it has all of the markings for a 12 inch piece of paper. BTW, I just subscribed to your blog. Have a great day.

Tracey said...

Oh, and I just added you to my Google Reader as well! :)

Annelies said...

Congratulations on the hits! I don't have a special paper trimmer, I just use a cheap knife and that works fine. Here's my link . Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Unknown said...

Hi Kim,
I still have not found a paper cutter that I like. All three of mine are Fiskars.
Great Candy!

Unknown said...

Hi Kim,
I still have not found a paper cutter that I like. All three of mine are Fiskars.
Great Candy!

Brittany said...

Hi there, my favourite paper cutter would be any one of your choice by fiskars because they are relatively inexpensive yet they still work great and very durable. I've had mine for 6 years now and the blade is only now starting to get dull. I have link you on my blog, thanks for the chance to play!

Brittany said...

Hi there, my favourite paper cutter would be any one of your choice by fiskars because they are relatively inexpensive yet they still work great and very durable. I've had mine for 6 years now and the blade is only now starting to get dull. I have link you on my blog, thanks for the chance to play!

Brittany said...

Oops, I said that I have linked you on my blog, my blog link is
I have also become a follower of your blog!

Annelies said...

I've just become a follower! Hugs, Annelies

Net said...

My favourite paper trimmer is an old office finger chopper! Sadly not widely available! Otherwise I use an X-cut guillotine. ;))

Manuela said...

Great candy! Thanks for a chance to win! I've linked you on my blog.

Manuela x

My name is Wynneth said...

Hi Kim

I'd love to win this candy - have joined as a follower of your blog and will put in a second comment once I have put a link to your candy on my blog. Am a novice blogger so hope the link works!!!


My name is Wynneth said...

Yippe... I have put a link on my blog to your candy Kim - you are the first link I've managed to put on my new blog. Hope I now get two chances to win your candy. Keep trying but haven't won any candy so far from anywhere!


Terri said...

This is my first time stopping by your blog...congrats on your hits! It is a joke at my house as to whether or not I will EVER find a paper trimmer that I really like. I am totally @nal about straight cuts and will forever be in search of one! Having said that, my daughter just bought me the X-Acto Laser Trimmer for Christmas. It is a guillotine style, which I love because you never need to replace the blade. It cuts wonderful, I do have a small issue with the measurements, however. Very reasonably priced and well worth checking out! Good luck with your decision!

Shannon said...

I have the grey/orange Fiskars and, like some others, I have to say that it doesn't always cut the straightest. I am on the lookout for a new one and I am thinking about the Carl RT-200. You can get it online from Sam's Club. I am following you now, I love your site and I am adding a link to your candy on my sidebar.

Bev said...

Faby candy sweetie, I'm off to post a link on my blog now

hugs Bev x

Jess B said...

I just bought my first scrapping supplies today so I don't have a favorite cutter....yet! :)O'm off to link to you, maybe some of my readers wanna shot at this, too.


Jess B said...

OH! And I already follow you!

(I'm completely inspired, btw. We'll see if I get the kids valentines for school made or not. I usually make something but always seem to finish on the 13th at 10pm. lol!)

Justine said...

Hi Kim glad I found you. Congratulations on your hits. I use just a plain ole Fiskers paper cutter but lately all of the new blades that I have opened up have been dull causing me to have to use a sanding block to smooth out the edges. Stinks!!!! I will leave a link to your blog candy this afternoon. Thanks for the chance to win and hopefully we will be come blog friends.

Angela said...

Hy Kim,congratulations for sooooo many hits on your blog.
Oh wow what a great valentine Candy,thanks for the chance to win these nice things.I put a link on my blog.
My favorite paper trimmer is from a german company: Dahle 533.Many greetings

Angela said...

Ups sorry,I'm a follower from your really great blog.
Many greetings

Daisy Chain said...

Hi Kim

I have a paper trimmer by Fiskars and love it. It's so easy to use.

I am now a follower of your lovely blog, and am hoping to win your gorgeous candy. You will find a link on my blog. Fingers crossed.

Hugs Debbie xx

Kjerstin said...

WoW - great candy - and great blog! I'm now a follower :D I have the simple Provo Craft and it's okey, but after I've watched these videos from Making Memories and Fiskars I would really like one of those instead... ;)
Looking forward to more inspiration from you!

Denise said...

I have to say my favorite trimmer is my fiskers rotary that I have had about 11 years. They have the same thing with and without music and now with a Cool design on it. Mine is just a plain grey with orange accents. I love it though! You can replace the blades when needed ( I have only done the straight like 2 times) has a replaceable cutting strip, one time and all different pattern blades that you can interchange! I think I have them all as I got them at an office supply store that went out of business for real good price!

What a great oppertunity to win! New products would be awesome. I am not able to buy anything right now since neither my husband or I are bringing home a paycheck right now! We are home builders and just do not have any customers! Pounding the pavement daily looking for someone that is looking at doing construction work!

Denise Wells

Denise said...

I have become a follower and daily updates! Blog is very cute!

Denise Wells

Denise said...

I have also now left a link on my blog! You can see it here

The picture at the top has just been added! It is from Costa Rica on top of a mountain after horseback riding! I am just figuring out how to add photos!

Denise Wells

piwee said...

great candy
i put a link to my blog
my favourite paper cutter are The Ultimate Trimmer from purple cow
greeting petra

Ivolina said...

Very cute Valentine candy.
My link

My trimmer is FISKARS DELUXE PORTABLE TRIMMER. I like it and recommend it to you. Before by it I try some other trimmers but this is the best I try.

Unknown said...

That's gorgeous candy!
I have a big hum dinger guillotine and I can't remember the make of it (I'm not at home now!) I'd go for something a little smaller if was buying again though!!
You're all linked up on my blog!

Unknown said...

I'm also now a follower of your fabulous blog!

Helena said...

WOW this is scrummy candy!!!

I have the x cut guillotine, and I love it, I had been through about 4 different trimmers/guillotines before this one and if this did break then I would go and buy another straight away, cost about £30.00, don't know if you can get them anywhere else other than England though!!!

Good luck in your hunt!

Helena said...

Okay I am now a follower of your blog and have posted about your candy in mine!!!


Malin E said...

Lovely blog and many nice things to look at!!
My trimmer is Fiskars and I like it a lot!
Of course I would like to be in on the bloc candy, i criss my fingers of course!
Have a nice weekend!

Julie said...

Hi Kim
The cutter I use mostly is my Woodware trimmer as it has lots of different interchangeable blades. The only thing is if you don't press down on it straight the guide bar bends a bit and you end up with wonky edges, which when you have the straight cutter in are not ideal. I have been looking for a decent cutter for ages, so this post is very interesting. Have linked you in my side bar


Justine said...


MalinL said...

I only have Fiskars cutter but I'm not all to pleased with it as it seems to be a bit uneven.. :(
But i have linked to you on my sidebar, and I'm a follower.. :)

MOLLIK said...

What wonderful candy! I've linked you in my sidebar :)

Lora said...

I have the Helix craft wokstation which has a cutter on it which I really like, it has an arrowhead and a rotary cutter which comes with it but you can also buy different bades for it too. They do a deckle one and a perforator and I think a few others. hanks for the chance to win, I have posted a link on my blog.

Lora said...

I am now following your blog too. I love it and will be back regularly for inspiration.

retiredheather said...

For large paper cutting I use the Fiskars metal guillitine cutter and for smaller cuts I use my Close to my Heart personal cutter which I adore. You have wonderful blog candy up and I thank you for the chance.

retiredheather said...

I just joined for email updates. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all those hits! My favorite cutter would have to be the Fiskars paper cutter from SU! It's the first one I got...and it has stuck with me! I'm looking into buying the Tabletop Paper Cutter from SU! soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I forgot...I put a link to your blog on my sidebar...and just became a follower! =)

Sue said...

Oh gorgeous candy will link to my blog. My best trimmer is the x cut one, had three but that the best by far, sue,x

Annita said...

trimmer... ohh the on going questions of which one is the best. I am a Fiskars fan. I've had so many different ones but keep going back to my big fiskars trimmer. it's big and it's not very handy, but it always cut straight, I've had mine for 2 years and haven't changes knives yet. Differnitely worth the money in my opinion.

Annita said...

I am now a follower too ;-)
loving that blog candy

Annita said...

I am now a follower too ;-)
loving that blog candy

Annita said...

I am now a follower too ;-)
loving that blog candy

Benedicte said...

Hello :-)
I am now a follower :-)

I like my Fiskars paper-trimmer :-)
i put a link on my blog:

hugs, Benedicte

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim! What an amazing blog candy, I'd love to win. Thanks for a chance. I'm a relatively new stamper and I'm still missing lots of craft supplies, like paper trimmer/cutter, so I can't recommend you one. But, lots of people said Fiskars and I'm convinced. lol Hope my entry still counts. I posted about your candy here
Have a great day

~* Donna *~ said...

Hi Kim

First off just to say i am a Follower of your blog.

Also i have added a post in my "blog Candy " sidebar regarding your blog and your candy.

And 3rdly.... Regarding your Cutter/Trimmer Hunt...
I have the Making Memories Precision Trimmer.. Its Ace,
Never need a New Blade as it is self Sharpening ( So it saves money which means more money to spend on craft stash) It also folds up to half its original size, and then unfolds to a massive 12x12" which is really good for being able to cut all your 12 x 12 with ease.

Hope above info helps in your quest

All the best
DOnna x

peggy w said...

My favorite cutter is by Fiskars I have used a couple of them and love them both. I love how it cuts right on the edge so I know exactly where my cut is going to be. Thanks for the giveaway.

Ashley Newell said...

I have a Fiskars one and I'm not crazy about it. I a thinking about getting the Making Memories one with the self sharpening blade. And I linked you on my blog just now.

Ashley Newell said...

Oh and I just started following your blog, it's adorable!

Rina said...

I just wanted to stop in and congratulate you Kim, on your awesome hits. Your creations and your special friendship, explains it all.

Aloha and God Bless!

KarenB said...

What a fabulous giveaway! I only just discovered your blog and it's gorgeous. I've put a post on my blog HERE

I have two trimmers - one is a 12x12 GBC Classic Cut CL100 (guillotine style) for use at home, and I use it for everything. I also have a Provocraft Zision (blade cutter) which is lighter and more portable for taking to crops.

marta said...

Hi hi!
So beautiful stuff to go :)
About trimmers, I don't using any.. I just useed to nice sharp knife (like for wallpapers) and metal ruller. Just sometimes I using a giloutine on roll. My last new toy is a SLICE whichone I highly recomended... I just love it!

all the best!


Jezz79 said...

Hi there,really nice candy! My favourite papercutter is Fiskars. Couldn´t live without it. I already am a follower/Jessica

Ewelina said...

hello! Sweet candy.
I put a link to your candy on my sidebar.Thanks for the chance to win. I like fiskars trimmer.

Unknown said...

What a great candy!!! I like my Fiskars purple one:))) I put yr link on my blogcandy list on my blog:) Have great week!

Unknown said...

and I am already yr follower:)

AB. said...

Congratulations on your 12000 hits Kim!!
My favourite (and only) paper cutter is my EK Success Cutterpede. It has an arm that comes out to cut paper greater than 12" and I've never had to replace the blade...I've had it for 3 years now. The mat underneath is also the it wears you can just remove it and flip it over then backwards etc... I haven't replaced that either. It has been amazing!!!

Peace & love
Alison xx

PS - I've linked this on my blog :)

AB. said...

btw...I'm now following your fab blog!! :)
Alison xx

AliMayes said...

My favourite cutter is the 'Purple Cows' Ultimate Trimmer. I've only had it a couple of days but I'm totally in love with it!
Going to link you on my blog now.
Ali xx

AliMayes said...

AND I'm now following your blog too!!!
Ali xx

K said...

Congratulations on your many many hits!
Thanks for the chance :)
I blogged your candy here
Bye, Kitty

Lilacanglia said...

Hi Kim,
what a great blog,
have joined as a follower,
i cant comment on a cutter as i dont have one, will check back regularly,
crafting huggies
aka handmadebylilacanglia,

Fi said...

Hi Kim

What an amazing candy and a great blog! Congrats on achieving 12,000 hits!

I bought a paper trimmer in Woolworths just before Christmas and before the company went into administration- sorry that doesnt help you much, but it isn't that great anyway so it's no real loss :-) All the very best of luck in your search though!

I've linked your candy in the sidebar of your blog!


Fi said...

I've just become and follower and will be checking back regularly as your blog is fab!!

BTW- I have a really good friend from Wisconsin. From Milwaukee, but also has a house up at Shadow Lake in Waupaca county. You live in such a beautiful state!


Linda . J said...

Hi Kim Congratulation on all you hits well done. My paper trimmer is Provo Craft with changable blades one for scoring and one for cutting but never had to replace them yet, plus I got replacemants included when I bought it.
I have linked you on my side bar and thank you for such a wonderful I just love it. Thank you

Linda . J said...

I am now a follower ytour creations are beautiful and I hope to see many more.

Jenny said...

Was für ein tolles Blog Candy und Herzlichen Glückwunsch.:)

Diva Scrapper said...

Congrats on your 10,000 and now your 12,000+ post, that is truly AMAZING!! A reason to celebration. Love your blog so far. I am addicted to my Fiskars large paper trimmer. I've had it for over 10 years and I'm changing out the blade this weekend for the first time ever..and I use it everyday. For small trimming such as matting and such, I have small 4X6 by Creative Memories..I like it and I've had it also for 10 years and the blade is still like new! I just love both these items...I couldn't be without them! I've linked you to my blog! Come and check me out!

Karenladd said...

Lovely Valentine candy!!
My favorite trimmer is my Carl rotary trimmer. It's light enough to take with me to crops, and very accurate. It also has a magnetized bar that hold the paper securely while I cut! I love it!
I don't have a blog, so will email you. Thanks.
P/S: I have subscribed to your blog as well!

StampNK said...

Great giveaway...and perfect for Valentines Day!
My fave trimmer is my Fiskars 12 inch. I started out with the smaller Fiskars, which I still love for it's portability. The 12 inch Fiskars is lightweight and easy to use. I'm a Fiskars fan and own 3 different trimmers made by them! I'm signing up to follow your blog!

StampNK said...

I just subscribed to your blog!! Thanks!

Debbie said...

Hi Miss Kimie..
Okay, I love my Fiskars guilotine cutter. It has a safety shield and a little bar that you slide the paper under. It has a slide rule to set the size of your paper cuts.
It's the best one I've ever had and I've got a ton of cutters. I'm obsessed with finding the 'perfect' one. I always stayed away from the guilotine type cutters for safety reasons, but this one is top notch. I've always been careful to have things that I didn't think my granddaughter would get hurt on, and she's a wiz on this thing.
Okay... I added your blog link to my blog. There was an error on your page when I tried to click the 'follow this blog.' Not sure what's up with that. But you are on my blog.
What else... oh... I just love the 'funness' of your blog. Thanks for being here to give me inspiration!
I've just got to learn how to post more.

Take Care,
Debbie Reaves


Leah said...

I love my MM Paper Trimmer, and although I'm on my 3rd one (through manufacture faults), they've always replaced it at no cost to me. I love it because of its self sharpening blades. It's quite a bit heavier than the others, but folds up compact enough to fit in my bag. I take it everywhere with me :)

Good luck in making your decision. I know I had a painstaking time deciding what to buy as well. I am not disappointed.

Gayle said...

Hi honey

You know I want this candy don't you?
I use a X-cut guillotine for most jobs, although I do have a provocraft trimmer too!
Don't on any account buy a fiskars much as I love Fiskars products. their guilloitne was RUBBISH!
G x

Gayle said...

I've been a follower since forever sweet cheeks!
Gayle x

CLHAJNAL said...

Hi Kim,
I haven't had the chance to visit in a while...and just haaaad to take a chance of the loooevely candy. I am already a huuuuge fan/follower/stalker of your blog. I am off to post your candy giveaway right now. I love the plain 'ol Fiskars 12x12 paper trimmer that used to come in grey now is orange and white. It's cheap, handy and easy to get replacement blades from anywhere!


My Life in Motion said...

Yeah Blog...I signed up to follow your blog. I have a tonic paper cutter that I love...

Liza said...

Hi Kim, fab candy and you have an amazing blog. I received a paper trimmer as a christmas gift and although I had a couple of problems with it initially, they are all sorted and it works great. It is a woodware finger guard paper trimmer and you can buy different blades for cutting wavy edges, scoring etc. and it cuts 12 x 12 card/paper. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely candy.

Liza x

Liza said...

Hi Kim, I am now a follower of your fabulous blog.

Liza x

Lindsay said...

My favorite trimmer, well is the smaller one by creative memories (their personal trimmer) its years and years old and is still sharp as ever its got the handle slicer , but it only works for smaller things like photos or just trimming up smaller pieces of paper, but it has a drawer under it that fits my corner rounder, scissors, tape runners etc. I use the12" stimmer also and it works great but i do have to change the blade every so often when it dulls and thats annoying but im sure its that same way with any other trimmer like it. (but i am told they are coming out with a rotary style one soon that is supposed to be awesome so i am just watching and waiting for that.

Lindsay said...

you are now linked from my blog check it out at

Lindsay said...

and of course i subscribed to your blog as well

Heike's Creativeplace said...

Congratulations for so many Hits, wonderful Blogcandy. Thanks for the chance to win. I link you on my sidebar......


CalleLillyCafe said...

Hi Kim!

Love your blog! My cutter is the Euro Fiskars blue & silver one. I love that thing!

Congrats on the hits! I have yours linked! =)

CalleLillyCafe said...

I am now a follower & subscriber! Just signed up! Thx!

Heather said...

Kim. I have the orange fiskar trimmer and am hoping to upgrade to the blue/purple euro/deluxe one.

I linked to you on my blog and am following now!

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Hi Kim,

Just posted your sweet blog candy on my blog. I'm already a follower of your wonderful blog. My fav trimmer is the Fiskars Portable Rotary 12 Inch Trimmer. I luv luv luv this trimmer because it has several diff blades that you can use with this trimmer. There's scallop, wave, deckle, etc. The blades are sharp and cut all types of cardstock and paper. If you decide to get this trimmer you won't regret it.


Jenny V. said...

Hi Kim! How are you? Congrats on your hits. I have the paper trimmer from Provocraft Cricut machine kit. But don't really like it. My papers always get jam. But my boyfriend bought me Tonic Studios Paper Cutter. I love it it cuts already nice and clean.
Here's my link


Katarina said...

Thanks for the chance to win this awesome candy. I've written about it on my blog:


Katarina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katarina said...

I'm a follower too.

My fav paper trimmer is a guilliotine one. It's not a special brand. I actually have two - one big to cut 12x12" papers and one small for images and pieces for the cards. I have the small one on my table and the big on a table in a corner.


Gena Porter - aka GDP2001 said...

Hi- Just found your site.
I love your cards!

My favorite trimmer is a Carl 12" rotarty trimmer. It is heavy, not one I really lug around, but works great. i alos have a small cutterpede for smaller cuts.

Gena Porter - aka GDP2001 said...

I am now a follower!

scramptastic said...

Just found your site and its great. I have decided to be a follower and have linked your site and candy on my blog. My favorite cutter is my cheap o provo craft green cricut trimmer. Its light, cuts fairly straight and is easy to carry around.

sassyb07 said...

I too just found your site. Your cards are lovely.
I like the cricut trimmer, it has a lock in slider and once you get used to it, it works well.
I'm off to leave your link on my blog.
hugs, Valerie

liza said...

hi kim what fab candy you have up for grabs,i also have just found you site and im off now to link ur candy on my blog,thankyou for being soo generous love liza xox

liza said...

oopz 4got to say whic paper trimmer,i have tryed alsorts of trimmers and unfortunatley they dont work for me so i always use my faithful craft knife and metal ruler,i have added myself to ur followers list
love liza xox

Maria said...

What wonderful blog candy. Thanks for the chance to win. I've linked you on my sidebar. Hugs, Maria

Maria said...

I'm now listed as a follower. Forgot to answer your question in my previous post....I love my Fiskars trimmer. Hugs, Maria

Алена Кинчерова said...

Hello! I'm from Russia. Its a super candy! I've put a link on my sidebar under the section "Blog Candy"

Swedie said...

Love your snowman candle - and the idea for using it flameless! What lovely Valentine goodies you offer. Sorry... I don't have a blog to link you to.


Angeliqa said...

Hi Kimi
Congrats on your hits.

Ana Isabel said...

Hola estoy emppezando a conocer el scrap, me guataria participar

Leonie said...

I've got a papercutter from the Hema, I'm sorry it's a Dutch store :)
Congratulations on your 12.000 hits and a happy valentine's day!

I've put a link in my sidebar!

Leonie xx

Alice said...

Hi from Italy! Very beautiful candy, thanks for a chance to win! I will put a link to my candybar and now I am a follower! I think the best paper trimmer is by Fiskars!

Suzanne said...


I don't actually use a paper trimmer but my mum uses the fiskars one and that seems really nice and easy to use.

Thanks for the chance to win, off to post a link now

Suzanne x

Suzanne said...

Have posted a link and also become a follower
Thanks again for the chance
Suzanne x

Ana Isabel said...

Bonito permio me apunto al sorteo

Renate´s Stempelwelt said...

Huhu, your blog ist so top. thank you for the chance for this nice candy :-) hugs - renate

Melissa Bove said...

Hi Kim! WOW! Congrats on all those hits!! What awesome blog candy you are giving away!!

I already follow your fabulous blog! You are a true inspiration! I will also subscribe to it!

I actually like my old Cutterbee Trimmer. I have a few others but I always go to this one!

Thanks for a chance! I will post the link to your candy on my blog's Candy Corner!!

Hugs, Melissa

Sarah said...

Hi Kim!! Congrats on all the hits!! I actually use two trimmers...I have a small portable one made by Cricut that's good for precision cutting and I have a table top one by Fiskars thats good for cutting a lot of paper at once!! Thanks for the chance to win this fantastic blog candy!!

Sarah said...

I already follow your blog, so thanks for the second chance to win the blog candy!!


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