Friday, September 19, 2008

A Fun Weekend is Planned!

Sorry....but no creations for today! It was a pretty busy day for me! I left for school a few hours early and stopped at JoAnn's first! I found a few good 2 new woven baskets that happened to have the cloth liners in them...and guess what....the cloth liners are pink with brown that so me or what!!!! So I just HAD to get them, and the best part is they were 50% off! Woo-Hoo! Got a bunch of new ribbon to....YES it's sad to admit but I am a total ribbon-aholic! However, I am going to share some of it! Maybe even you could get some of the ribbon I just got today in the blog candy that I am giving away with my sketch challenge! You still have time to enter!!!!

Then I headed off to school where I only had 1 hour of class...which shouldn't have been bad, but we watched a video on Asian burial and art culture ...which wasn't the most thrilling video so I had to try hard to stay awake (which I did...but not by much)!

This weekend is going to be so much fun! Tomorrow I have a stamp camp to go to in the morning, so I will have some fun projects to share with you tomorrow night! Then tomorrow afternoon I am hostessing a Lia Sophia jewelry party! Gots to love bling! Their jewelry is good quaility and has a life guarantee so who can complain about that! And then on Sunday I am planning on crafting all day (in between doing a little bit of homework)! I have to get my butt in gear to make projects to sell at the craft show that I have a booth in the beginning of November!

Hope you all have some wonderful plans for this weekend! Please take a moment and pray for my friend Courtney who's house got hit by hurricane Ike! Courtney and her children have been staying at her in-laws located inland and have been seperated from her husband since the storm! Courtney you are in my thoughts and prayers daily!

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