Friday, June 18, 2010

VIVA - NOT Just for Paper!

Alright...I have a quick post for you today....because I have to get my research paper done for my computer science's not due until Monday...but I want it DONE so I am free for the weekend...then I can stay in my craft room all weekend!  hee hee!

The other night my parents, my sister, and my hubby and I went out to eat for my Dad's birthday!  When we were leaving the resturant my sister was sad because she noticed that one of the pearls fell out of her brand new earrings!  When she showed me I knew IMMEDIATELY that I could fix it for her! 

Here is a picture of the "broken" earring!  Sorry about the quality of the picture...I took the picture with my phone and it was the only before picture that I took.  Here you can see the earring on the left hand side is missing the big pearl in the middle.

VIVA Decor to the rescue!  

The next day I grabbed my Viva Decor Pearl Pen in Cream and made a layer where the pearl was supposed to be.  I let that dry and then added another layer building up the pearl to match the depth of the other earring.  In this after picture you can see the "new" pearl in the earring.  The VIVA pearl earring is on the left hand side.  I love how beautiful the VIVA pearl looks!  Now no one will ever know my sister's earring was "broke!"
Here is a close up of the VIVA pearl!  I love the swirled pearl effect that I got by building up the layers of the pearl!  I almost wanted to pull the pearl out of the other earring and redo it! :)  And maybe I just will!!!

Now you know VIVA Decor Pens aren't just for paper....they can be used on ANYTHING!  If you don't have any of these pens....what are you waiting for!  They are amazing!  Click -->here<-- to go get some....and if you have some of these fantastic -->here<-- to go to the SCACD blog and enter our challenge because this week it's all about VIVA!

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Rach said...

that is wonderful that you could fix your sisters earring.. and what a fabby job.. i have some of these pens on order.. just waiting for them to drop through the letter box.. xxx

Mary Lou said...

AMAZING~~great thinking Hun--now we don't need to have to sets of earrings Hee Hee
I know these were one of Alissa's fave earrings
Love Always

Danni said...

Oh my! You are so clever and creative!!

A Cards Delight said...

What a brilliant idea!


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