Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Keeping Me Busy!

So I should be busy creating for my next craft fair coming up in a few weeks....but my hubby has had me working on a different project. We are building a garage on our land...and eventually we will build a house there (when I am done with school and back in the work force)! Our concrete people came this week and formed up the area for the concrete.....but before it can be poured we had to put in the in floor heat pipe stuff. (Can you tell I am not very literate in this building stuff?) Yesterday....when I should have been studying for my Business Stats. exam that was today I was outside ( was only 40 degrees out) helping lay this pipe stuff. My legs hurt so bad today from squatting to cut all the zip tie ends! Now it just needs to stop raining/sleeting/snowing and warm up a tinge so we can get the concrete poured and then it's on to building! YAY!
So this garage will be hubby's winter project! I can't wait to see it all done!

Tomorrow I am hoping to FINALLY get time to play with my Whiff of Joy stamps...and play along with this week's challenge....since school has been consuming my life this past few weeks! I am just itching to craft! :)

I also have some new Magnolias on their way...can't wait to ink them up! Woo-Hoo! Speaking of Magnolias my friend Claudia (who does WONDERFUL work that is simply amazing) has some fun blog candy going on! Please take a moment to look and comment on her fabulous work while you are there!

I also found Ann's blog with some christmas candy!


Janneke said...

Wow you did great work, and your hubby is gonna make your exam?
hihi *lol*

Have a nice day ;)

X Janneke

Candy said...

Hi Kim!
Yes I want to know too - did your hubby take the exam for you? LOL I sure hope you passed....
Looks like you both did a ton of work yesterday. Hope your legs have stopped aching by now.
It sounds like the craft fair went very well for you. Glad to hear you sold a lot of your neato things. Good luck at the next one you have been envited to.
I have missed seeing your great work - I wonder how you manage to get done all you do??
Best of luck with everything.

Courtney said...

Oh girl. I'm cold just looking at this and reading! Maybe you'll get some crafting time in today!

Rach said...

oh Kim i have gone cold it looks freezing! hope that your legs are easier and that you got on alright with your exam...hugs RAchxx

Aija said...

Oh my, you really have a project there... :)
Love the new outfit on your blog!

stardustgemsandribbon said...

Wow...what a winter project!
Hope you have fun with your WOJ stamps.
Have a nice weekend
Carole :-)

Eulanda said...

Hi Kim! I was just wondering how you get such great blog backgrounds? Thanks!


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